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An Important Message About
This Web Site

Once again, our revival process has been slowed down.

The first new entries to our Bulletin Board were added in January, 2007, and we hope to have the backlog cleared up by St. Patrick's Day in 2008.

We also will be updating (and eliminating in some instances) information that has been untouched for several years.


We apologize that this site has been neglected for several years, after almost daily updates for its first five years.  A combination of occupational, family and health demands has kept us from daily -- or even weekly or monthly -- attention.  

 We are again announcing that we hope to resume regular maintenance of the site this month.  

(Our major concern is that much of the information that has been provided about family members in good faith, and posted on this site IN GOOD FAITH, has been incomplete, misleading and in some cases in error.  We regret the mistakes and rather than deleting major sections of the family information, we are going to remove several sections until those who have raised concerns are satisfied that the information is correct. In the meantime, we will try to respond to all e-mails we have received and we will only add information that we can verify.)

The most recent expression of concern comes from Australia and as a result, we are deleting the links to the Australia/New Zealand section of the website.  We'll be happy to replace it when possible, or establish a link to a new Australia/New Zealand site.

Frankly, we would prefer that Murnane/Marnane/Murnen families that are not connected with the Murnanes/Marnanes of Tipperary create their OWN websites and provide us an address so we can link to it. That way you can control the information on YOUR site but Murnane-searchers who land on this site will be directed and easily linked.  We will be happy to link to your site and we will be happy to promote it as extensively as is possible.

One disturbing development that causes problems is that  many e-mail addresses (including my own) have been corrupted by viruses and unwanted spam, including pornographic material.  We apologize to anyone who included an e-mail address with a message or inquiry and who has been violated in this way.  We are hoping to find a way to correct this privacy invasion.

Additionally, many of the e-mail addresses listed in our "Bulletin Board" have changed as Internet users are finding faster and cheaper means of accessing the Internet.

We have received many -- hundreds -- e-mail inquiries and we hope to respond to all of them in due time, although this message may solve some of the "mystery."

For those of you who have provided corrections to family trees, we have attempted to make the corrections if possible but many of the family information provided to this site was provided by Murnane clan members who are unknown (and currently unreachable).  We will continue to try to make some contact and correct any errors.

The information that is included on the site, including family trees, was included to help family researchers.  Since most of the "targets" of that research are family members from mostly-deceased generations, we don't feel too bad about not keeping up with the trees, except in cases of errors.

You can still reach the previous index page and links to the family trees by clicking on this link.

Ed Murnane
Chicago, Illinois, USA
March 1, 2008

(This is the Original Welcome, Slightly Edited)

Welcome to Clan Murnane.  Or Marnane.  Or Murnen.  Or Murnain... Or whatever.  This website is dedicated to the tens of thousands -- perhaps hundreds of thousands -- descendants, researchers and friends of the Clan.

We've been here for more than nine years (this site, not the Clan). "Opening day" was 27 March, 1997.  Since then, we've had more than 340,000 visitors.  Our Bulletin Board has more than 400 entries, most of them asking for information or providing information.  The Bulletin Board has helped dozens of families make connections.  Each of the Bulletin Board entries, going back to March, 1997, is still accessible. You can reach it, and many other features, using the links to the left.

The links to Family Trees will take you to more than 40,000 Murnane names in all parts of the world.  The Australia and New Zealand entries alone are enough to keep anyone busy for months searching for relatives!  Paul Murnane's research is reason enough to have a website such as this; it is well worth visiting that section of the site.

Some of the information on this site is the result of the early research I did on my own family, and which led to the publication of "It's Not Such a Long Way To Tipperary" in 1991.  Any delusions I had that my branch of the Murnane (or Marnane) Clan was the center of the Grand Clan were quickly dispelled when we began hearing from Murnanes all over the world.

So please enjoy this site; comment about it; and contribute to it.  Best wishes and good hunting! And a note to long-time visitors: we are going through some re-design; your comments would be appreciated.

-- Ed Murnane
Chicago, Illinois USA


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